McDavid partnership with NZ Breakers Basketball

Active individuals need to protect their joints to stay mobile and injury-free. Studies report that a whopping 2.5 million people check into an emergency room with knee injuries each year. The majority of these injuries happen during participation in sports like basketball and football. If you play sports regularly, you should definitely pick up a knee brace for the added support and stability they provide.

Do your knees feel unstable? Do you run a few miles a week and have sore joints? You don’t have to suffer. Our line of knee braces provides maximum support where you need it. A good brace will transfer the load off your lower limb to your upper thigh, which helps to relieve pain in the knee because the upper thigh is a much larger and stronger muscle group.

To best suit a range of athletic needs, we offer different levels of protection and support. Our braces offer three different levels of support, from lower levels of soft braces to the level-three braces made of a non-flexible material for the most support.

Some users have reported that before purchasing and using our braces, their injuries were preventing them from participating in their sport regularly. Keep in mind that after most major injuries or surgeries, your doctor will recommend physical therapy. This is because your muscles contract during exercise, putting pressure on your lymph vessels to help fluid move through the vessels and reduce swelling. The contractions also help bring blood flow and nutrients to the area to speed recovery. If you have been injured and stopped all physical activity, you have done yourself a disservice.

Check out our different types of knee braces, find the right one for you, and get back in action!